Procedures We Offer

General Neurology with special attention to

Acute and Hyper stroke management

The goal for the acute management of patients with stroke is to stabilize the patient and to complete initial evaluation and assessment, including imaging and laboratory studies, within 60 minutes of patient arrival

TIA clinic

This is the new paradigm for modern female healthcare — including gynecology services, STI (aka STD testing,) primary care, annual physicals, and more.

Concussion Clinic

Exercise therapy to improve blood flow and speed recovery. Manual therapy to reduce symptoms coming from the neck such as headaches, balance and visual issues. Visual rehabilitation to help reduce visual abnormalities, memory problems or concentration issues.

EEG/nerve blocks

Find and evaluate damage to all the nerves that lead away from the brain and spinal cord to the smaller nerves that branch out from them.

In office headache and antiseizure IV infusions

Botox therapy for chronic migraines, limb dystonia, stroke spasticity, & cervical dystonia